Meet the Band

Phase 3 The Band

Phase 3 - A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

    In 2006 we, as new neighbors, discovered that each played a different instrument.  We started jamming in Mike's (the drummer) basement and before we knew it, we had 30 songs.  A New Year's party launched us into being a real band.  From there we played a Mardi Gras party, a local tavern, and the rest is history.  As we are all part of the third phase of our neighborhood's building schedule, we were deemed "Phase 3" by one of our neighbors. Rick, a Lambertville local, offered to join us on our gigs to play congas.

In 2010, the Downtown Performing Arts Company in Lambertville, NJ requested our band play their production of "Tommy".  To round out our sound, Garry, a longtime friend of Jim's was added.   Additionally, this production of Tommy led us to Holly, who has now graciously accepted our offer to sing with us! That meant our repitoire just expanded into a whole new territory!!  We'll be posting more photos, videos and songs of Holly and Garry as they become available. For a quick look at Holly and Garry in action, check out this YouTube link from Tommy:  Christmas






Mike O' Gorman - Drummer



Mike is a native New Jerseyan and is probably the member of our band who is most responsible for the forming of Phase 3. He is the central cog from which we all met one another and started jamming. Initially, our jam sessions were just a way to sooth our inner teenager but Mike started booking gigs so we figured - what the hell, sounds like fun! When Mike was in the 5th grade, after 3 years of guitar lessons, he was kicked out of his Church guitar group because the other group members thought he was too young.  So Mike decided to focus on sports until he was old enough to fit in (decades later). But instead of guitar, Mike decided to make louder noise on the drums.  Ironically, Mike's position as drummer is constantly being challenged by our singer, Holly. (Holly originally auditioned with us as a drummer....Yeah, I know, right!) You can find the video of her rousing audition under her bio. Somehow, Mike continues to hold on as our drummer.



James Wedeking aka Jimbo, Jimmy boy, sir James, Awesome, etc, etc. (or maybe just Jim) - Lead Guitar, Vocals

Jim is From Hightstown, NJ and is perhaps the most musically versatile member of the band. His guitar is what gives us our sound. (So you can thank him or blame him. We thank him) Jim has been playing guitar for a long, long time; even longer in dog years. One reason we play so many songs is because Jim knows so many songs....The rest of us don't, but he does.



Howard Young - Keyboards & Vocals


Howard hails from England and yes, he is quite jolly. But, he is really a classically trained pianist slumming as a rock n roller. As Americans we initially were cautious of Howard thinking he could be a Revolutionary War spy but we realized the timing was a bit off. Howard is also a family man/rocker. 



Holly Montgomery - Lead & Backing vocals & percussion


Holly is from Wytheville, VA. We first had an opportunity to work with her during our presentation of "Tommy" with the Downtown Performing Arts Center at Washington's Crossing Park in Hopewell. NJ. Soon after she was like stalking us for a gig and we were like, no way and she was like, why not? So finally we said okay cool, you're in; then she said okay....Well, okay maybe we more or less pursued her. 



Fred Williams - Bass & backing vocals (As long as he's not singing and playing at the same time.)


Although Fred was born in New York, he was raised in New Jersey. (Long before it was fashionable) Originally, Fred was going to play guitar but then he heard Jim play and realized Jim could sing and play at the same time really very well. So Fred channeled his inner bassman and now holds down the bottom end. Fred is also a family man. 



Richard Kropp - Congas & all things purcussive.

Rick is a local guy who plays so well, he also sits in on drums from time to time. Rick is also one of the funniest and friendliest guys you will ever meet.

Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix - One of our favorites!