Phase 3 The Band




 Our musical tastes as individuals ranges from Country to Rap. As a band however, we have focused on Rock, Blues, dance, R&B and alternative. We are also very capable of tailoring our song list to specific tastes depending on the gig. Several members of Phase 3 are also songwriters so we are always looking to enhance our song list with original material. It's certainly our function to keep the party jumpin! And that's what we do best, no matter what we're playing.

We are comprised of:

(From Left to Right)


Jim -           Guitar & VocalsPhase 3 Band photo

Mike -         Drums, Vocals

Holly -       Vocals, Tambourine    

Howard -     Keyboards & Vocals

Fred -          Bass Guitar, Vocals

Rick -          Congas, Percussion




In September of 2007, Phase 3 was fortunate enough to have the renowned impressionist artist Robert Beck, do a painting of us performing (See below). The performance was for the Lambertville Town Watch Assn. and it was held on the East bank of the river at the boat house picnic area in Lambertville, NJ.

In the painting, you can see Phase 3 on the right entertaining the audience on the left. In the background to the left the bridge into New Hope, PA is clearly visible. That was a great day to party and it turned out to be a great day to be memorialized in a painting by Robert A Beck!


For more information regarding the purchase of this or any other of Mr. Beck's fine work You can visit Mr. Beck's website here:


Mr. Beck's gallery is located at 204 N. Union St. Lambertville, NJ 08530